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So many things..... [picture heavy]

I ship out on Saturdays
Necklace || CD || Guestbook 001 // 002 || Main book 001 // 002
Reflection USKR
(The jackpot of USUK.)
*CD that contains a linear demo of the mechanics of the upcoming USUK game.
It's a summer special of America and England on the beach and it is /very/ R-18.
Please note that this game is in chinese. I did get it to work on my computer though.
A windows trashcan of England+scones
+Small selection of original music for the game
+A few .wav files I guess you could set as windows sound effects. xD
+An .avi file of the Reflections PV, which you can see
here or here.
+Password novel with two R-18 scenes.
+Password CG images.

*World Academy Guestbook, A bonus booklet (FULL COLOR) that spoofs famous movies but places America and England in various poses. 15pages.

*An army tag necklace that says A. Jones

*Main booklet that displays the CGs in the game, character profiles, partly composed of comics, a whopping 112 pages!
Price: $51 for it all


Stock image
$30 Shipped
Quantity: 1
Size: Mini deck of cards each card has a different Hetalia character. The larger card set is just a comparison to the 2010 deck.
APH World Poker Tour version 2009, smaller than the 2010 version.

+cover off || some of the cards || backs of the cards || image of the inside of the book
Hetalia World Tarot x2
Comes with an artbook of all the cards 24p and the rest are the sketches of the cards.
21 Tarot cards total spanning the main countries.
Price: $38 each
Both are on reserved
001 || 002 || 003 || 004 || 005
Peaceful Holidays Hardcover book + Extra booklet
FULL COLOR 46pages.
It's mostly a picture book and it's really cute. Each of the nations connect and hand out flowers a bit like this MAD.
It also comes with a short black and white comic book.
Also this one is still in shrink wrap, took photos of my copy. :3
Price: $31 shipped

Already inked stamps ~2inches in diameter

Russia || China || Prussia charms x3
$14 shipped each
RoChu cellphone straps (metal/glass charms) x1
One is taken? Other is on hold
$18 shipped each

Pass cases, 2 halloween and 1 of the nordics ON HOLD come with a strap
Other picture
$7 shipped each

Prussia x Germany cellphone straps x1
$14 shipped each

Italy || Russia Popstands
$7 shipped or $6 per if buying with something else.

Coasters - $7 SHIPPED each (doesn't matter which character) If ordering something else then, it's only $6.
China || Japan || Liechtenstein
Round stickers - $6 shipped each
Canada, Iceland, Prussia, America, and England are Taken

$10 for regulars and $12 for the metallic sheen (best to buy with other thngs to get it shipped in a box).
Size: 20" x 7"

china (r) x1 (m) x2
france (r) x1 (m) x2
italy (r) x2 1 (m) x2 REGULAR ON HOLD?
japan (r) x2 (m) x2

Special One-Coin - Italy
Price: $32


Card characters - $6 each

Mascots (shipping within the us included)
Germany, Canada, and France are taken.
$22 shipped
America, France can badges
~3" in diameter, quite big.
$7 shipped each

Greece (Displaying mine next to the box)
$14 shipped
Russia x1 America x1 (sold 1 russia)
Price: $8 shipped each.

Oresama Buyuden
Inside  Another
Price: $26 shipped

For all orders over $20 I'll throw in something extra/small which relates to hetalia. :3 OUT


Texas, USA.
Feel free to comment for a shipping quote.
I ship using USPS. I will quote both first-class and priority shipping prices.
I will ship worldwide, but the shipping may be expensive.
I ship on Saturdays only.

I accept paypal.
I don't use concealed cash but I do accept USPS money orders. Secure & insured, pay at the local mail office and send it in a letter.

Tracking (only for shipping in the US)
Will be $1 extra for First-class and free for priority. If you decide not to get it, don't blame me for lost packages.

I allow one week for holds if you're quite sure on buying, after that I will list the item for sale again.
Tags: coasters, doujinshi, fanmade goods, keycharms, mascots, official, one coin figures, posters, selling

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